Treatment by Hypnosis

Dr. Rudolphson graduated from the Hadassah Dental School and received his post graduate degree in orthodontics from the University of Berne, Switzerland in 1973.
He has been practicing hypnosis since 1979.  He taught in the teeth straightening department of the Dental School at Hadassah Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, for 20 years.  He currently manages a private clinic in Beit Hakerem, Jerusalem.

Hypnosis in Dental Treatment

Dr. Rudolphson occasionally uses medical hypnosis, which greatly reduces anxiety and fears related to treatment.  In addition, hypnosis (in cases where it cannot be achieved any other way), can significantly improve the patient’s awareness of the importance to meticulously safeguard the hygiene of the mouth and gums, so the teeth will stay healthy throughout the treatment.

There are some patients who are especially sensitive when there is a need to take measurements.  In these cases, a number of hypnotic sessions will greatly assist, and the measuring process can take place without difficulty.  In most dental treatment, the area being treated needs to be completely dry. There are people who secrete an excessive amount of saliva.  In those instances, Dr. Rudolphson treats with the aid of hypnosis which helps to achieve accurate work in a completely dry environment.  

The use of Hypnosis to straighten teeth:   Teeth straightening requires a great deal of patient cooperation, particularly when connecting the various appliances.  Without this cooperation, the treatment will fail.  The intervention of hypnosis increases the motivation and reinforces the cooperation.  In addition, some children have habits which very much disturb the teeth straightening process. With just a few hypnotic sessions, it is possible to overcome the habit.  For instance, thumb or finger sucking, breathing through the mouth, lips permanently apart, tongue thrusting in speaking or swallowing, and various other habits. There is no doubt that hypnosis helps to wean a child of these habits, which is a very important factor in successful orthodontic treatment.  

Hypnosis as Assistance to other Dentists in Specific Instances

When dentists encounter difficulties of a various nature, they refer their patients to Dr. Rudolphson. He treats them by hypnosis to overcome their anxieties or other problems.        In cases where patients are over-sensitive to local anesthetics, the patient is able – through hypnosis – to ‘anesthesize’ the area requiring treatment, and so there is no need to inject an anesthetic.
After the specific treatment, the patients return to their own dentist for ongoing care.

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